Our History

Switch Kitchen, founded by Lex Ruthless, is a subcultural group of current and former service industry individuals who perform in live performances, BDSM/Kink Educational Seminars, and Adult Film Production.

Our Origins

Every kink group has an origin. BDSM Leather Culture was born from the post-WWII biker culture; Switch Kitchen originally was formed from those who currently or previously worked within the hospitality and service industry. 

The ‘Kitchen’ 

Switch Kitchen’s early films had crew members and performers who are former Red Seal Chefs, line cooks, pastry chefs, dishwashers & service staff. These films were often shot within kitchens and bars after hours and sometimes contained cooking equipment and food within the scene. 

The ‘Switch’ 


The term “Switch” comes from BDSM and means the ability of a single individual to serve in both roles of a “Dominant” as well as a “Submissive”. It also indicates someone who can “Top” as well as “Bottom”. ‘Switches’ can sometimes serve as “Middles” who assist a Dominant with their Submissive. 


Additional Switch Kitchen performers were hoteliers & concierges, bartenders, maids, clerks, luxury retailers, and personal and executive assistants to CEOs and Religious leaders in North America. This ability to ‘switch’ is second nature to hospitality individuals as they may simultaneously serve guests or those above them yet command their own service staff underneath them. 

Switch Kitchen performers often are able to translate this same ‘Switching’ experience to film and live BDSM play. You may see one performer in a scene as the dominant, yet in a subsequent scene they take on the role of a submissive. 

A Refined Taste


Switch Kitchen members generally have refined palate and taste and enjoy fine dining and excellent service. We appreciate handcrafted goods, high quality coffee, medal winning distilleries, fine wines, cigars, and other service industry masters impressing us with their work. 


Switch Kitchen organizes restaurant or bar takeovers as well as private cocktail and dinner play parties where both hospitality and adult industry professionals interconnect. The inner core also hosts “Fiesta Fridays”, a potluck style dinner where each former chef creates a dish to share. Various offshoots have also started including Wine Touring and a High Protocol Scotch / Whiskey Club.

The Coat of Arms


The Switch Kitchen logo comprises a riding crop and a wooden spoon representing the two cross sections of subcultures. 


The wooden spoon represents both a common kitchen cooking utensil but also a means of punishment historically used by Generation X (Boomers) for disciplinary spankings. This has led to many millennials and Gen Z who faced early childhood trauma to reclaiming the wooden spoon for consensual spankings only.  


The riding crop historically was used in equestrianism as a neutral tool to encourage performance. The same desire of performance exists today among members and the crop is used in BDSM scenes as means of encouragement or punishment. 

Clothing & Outfits


You will often see Switch Kitchen members service industry clothing. Often wearing black dress clothes or latex with a black apron to represent the history of service. You may also see bright clothing, pastels like candy store clerks or in ice cream parlors. Others may wear retro pinup or historic service industry attire.


One can earn custom Switch Kitchen aprons, badges, and clothing within the group. Generally, Switch Kitchen will not accept new people within its core unless they have a history of hospitality or professional service of others. Switch Kitchen strives for the highest standards of etiquette, kindness, politeness, and service.

You can find merch for sale at: https://switchkitchen.threadless.com/

Scene Style & Flow


The flow of Switch Kitchen’s scenes is intense yet graceful, similar to the speed of a server bustling their section, the intensity of a cook crushing chits, and the flair of a bartender. You may often hear “may I” or see gestures that have translated from the kitchen into kink. Switch Kitchen performers have excellent spatial awareness and this comes from working in small kitchens & service spaces. 


Switch Kitchen members are generally Masters of ‘Impact Play’ which comes from years of chopping vegetables & tenderizing meat. Attention to detail, precision, and timing are qualities which are admired and acts of service and etiquette are praised. Switch Kitchen staff have been known to do live shows and back-to-back scenes for 6+ hours non-stop, consensually pushing through personal discomfort for the pleasure (and pain) of guests and patrons. Very similar to kitchen staff and waiters pushing through dinner service until feet are sore and arms are heavy. Members strive for the highest standards in their daily profession but also within kink & BDSM and consent culture.

Adult Film


Switch Kitchen started its filming studio in 2018. However in January 2020, when Covid19 hit the West Coast, within 3 months most of the service industry was forced to shut down. Bars were closed, hotel staff were laid off and people were out of work. Many turned to adult film, seeking online sexwork to make ends meet. This solidified the filming/studio section of Switch Kitchen and thrust it into full time existence. Switch Kitchen has hundreds of films available for sale and hundreds more in post-production. “Welcome to Switch Kitchen” is a two season series in which performers travel from all over the world to visit Switch Kitchen’s space and experience their brand of BDSM. 

Service Culture


You will often find Switch Kitchen and its crew volunteering for local events within the community. Whether it is event coordinating, set-up or tear down, or giving free demos, Switch Kitchen has a heart of service and giving back to the BDSM community. 

Education & Facilitation


Switch Kitchen teaches classes and seminars on topics such as negotiation and consent, switching / middling, and impact. You can hire them for live shows, demos, or teaching courses. Contact: switchkitchenxxx@gmail.com

Spin of Sin

Switch Kitchen hosts the “Spin of Sin” monthly as Vancouver’s Sin City Fetish Night. It is a Carnival Style Wheel that patrons can ‘Spin to Win’ punishments or pleasure. This is done free of charge at Sin City Events but “tipping” is highly recommended. You can find out more at www.spinofsin.com